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Fanfic Tarot

Ancient Wisdom + Fandom

Ancient Wisdom + Fandom = OTP
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The idea for this is community is pretty much stolen from fanfic100, with the exception that the goal is to write at least 22 fics in your chosen - claimed - fandom - ones corresponding to the 22 cards of the Major Arcana.

You can also make a Minor Arcana suit either in the same fandom, but just the Major Arcana done will be considered a completed claim.

Once a claim has been completed, it becomes open again and can be claimed by another member.

A claim can be either an entire fandom, a single character or a single book in a series.

Original characters are not allowed as the claim. That is to say, if you have an original character written in the Star Trek universe, he cannot be the subject of your claim; if your claim is Star Trek, though, write your OC to your heart's content.

Information about the cards and their divinatory meanings can be found on many excellent sites online, such as Aeclectic.net.

You cannot post until your claim and membership have been accepted.

Current claims

Rules and guidance

1. Request your claim here. Click "join community" - when your claim has been accepted, so will your membership.

2. When posting, always add your claim tag (for example, "Star Trek"), the specific form of which you will get in the claim acceptance reply.

3. Each fic must, of course, be written by you.

4. Each fic must be at least 100 words long.

5. Fill out the following and post it before each fic:

Word Count:
Author's Notes:

6. ALWAYS use an LJ-cut or link to the story.

1.Fool. 2.Magician. 3.High Priestess. 4.Empress.
5.Emperor. 6.Hierophant. 7.Lovers. 8.Chariot.
9.Strength. 10.Hermit. 11.Wheel of Fortune. 12.Justice.
13.Hanged Man. 14.Death. 15.Temperance. 16.Devil.
17.Tower. 18.Star. 19.Moon. 20.Sun.
21.Judgement. 22.World.

1.Ace. 2.Two. 3.Three. 4.Four.
5.Five. 6.Six. 7.Seven. 8.Eight.
9.Nine. 10.Ten. 11.Page. 12.Knight.
13.Queen. 14.King.

The code for the above tables:

Associated communities: genretwisting, cheesemongers, bodice_laces.

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